Writer Orlando Quiroga's mementos

Art Deco style trophy in engraved glass and bronze, plastic base. Engraved a dedication for Orlando Quiroga from Ted Bakodimos, 18th November 2005 - Montréal, Québec, Canada in English and Spanish. L: 7 cm. D: 7 cm. H: 27,5 cm.
Green marble ashtray with Orlando Quiroga engraved, and on its reverser Felicidades y salud le descan los Artesanos de Pramma. Dim. : 14,5 x 16 cm.
Orlando Quiroga's last spectacles.

Orlando Quiroga, who died in 2007, was a cigar lover, was named Habanos man of the year in 2003, on the 'communication' category. Author of several books in relation to cuban cigars, in his elegant personal style. He wrote many books, amongst them "Nada es impossible" (1996, his memories), "Muñecas de Cristal" (1998), a novel, and in "El Habano al rojo vivo" (2003) and "Arte Y Mística del Habano" about the history and tradition of the Habano cigar.
Recipient of many national and international prices for his television's journalist and screenwriter work, screenwriter of "the Anthology of Bolero" in Spain, as well as numerous distinctions and medals, such as France's médaille des Beaux-Arts, Havana's Grand Theater's medal, Cuban Artist's medal, Union of Writers medal, and the Jesús Menéndez and Raúl Gómez García order.

Cuban writer Orlando Quiroga cigar mementos, trophy, ashtray and spectacles