Orchestra conductor Gonzalo Roig Lobo's cigar boxes

Two humidors who did belong to Gonzalo Roig Lobo. Both Hecho en Cuba, circa 1950.

- The first, a rectangular cigar humidor of maple veneer. On top, initials G.R.L.. Interior with the dedication: Gonzalo Roig Lobo – Afectuosamente de Ud.- Luis Marina, Gloria y Guillermo Garcia.

- The second, a book shaped cigar box made of mahogany and cedar veneer, sides of lemon tree wood. A stamped and gilded inscription Universidad de La Habana on top and stamped inside. Inside, sliding cover and an inscription on brass MTRO GONZALO ROIG / Sec CUTURA FEU. Also inscribed Hecho en Cuba / Universidad de La Habana. With a chaveta.

Gonzalo Roig Lobo (Havana, 20th July 1890 - Havana, le 13th June 1970) was a cuban musician, composer, musical director and founder of several orchestras. He was a pioneer of the symphonic movement in Cuba, and one of the foremost composers that redefined the cuban zarzuela.
In 1922 he co-founded the Symphonic Orchestra of Havana, becoming its musical director
In 1931 while participatiing in the creation of the National Opera of Habana, he composed his zarzuela Cecilia Valdez, considered the most representative of cuban lyrical theatre.
In 1938 of the National Opera of Havana. He frequently traveled, and regularly gave concerts in numerous parts of the world. He also founded the Society of Cuban authors, the National Federation of Cuban authors, the National Union of Authors of Cuba, and the National Society of Authors. Aside from Cecilia Valdez, he composed many popular songs.

He was one of the few cuban conductors smoking puros during a concert.

Orchestra conductor Gonzalo Roig Lobo's cigar boxes